Diamond Engagement Rings – Save The Best For The Most Important

Proposing to a woman is not a small thing. It is not easy either. It takes a lot of planning, a lot of preparation and of course, a lot of courage. One of the factors that encourage a man is a good ring. Buying the best women one of the best engagement rings is what will work.

How to buy Diamond Engagement Rings

There is a lot of stress involved when it comes to finding the perfect one. When it comes to purchasing a diamond, the four C’s have to be taken care of.

The cut – A badly cut diamond is its poison. The sparkle that the stone is capable of is affected when it is cut wrong. The cut also determines the shape of the bling. While round is a common shape, the others include pear, emerald, oval, and heart. The princess cut is a very popular shape that is preferred by many.

The colour – white is the colour of the most valuable and the rarest of them all. Colourless is the word used to describe a diamond. The best of them all are graded as ‘D’. The higher grade is ‘Z’. Distinct colours are rare. Known by the name ‘fancies’, these diamonds are on top of the wish list for many.

The Clarity – Clarity of a diamond is a fib. They need no cleaning or maintenance. The inclusions inside the diamond are also known as the fingerprints of nature. They are usually invisible to the naked eye and is noticed only by professionals with the help of a magnifying glass.

The Carat – The carat is the measurement of the size and the weight of the diamond. The average size is mostly between one and one and a half carat. A carat is divided into hundred smaller units known as points.

Before making an investment in diamonds, it is vital to talk to the jeweller about the four C’s. Getting a cert diamond is a good idea if you are not sure about which stone to purchase. These certificates ensure that you are not deceived. Zircons, topaz, white sapphire, etc used as substitutes for natural diamonds. It is easy to be fooled. A cert stone ensures that a fake is not passed off as a real one.

One carat diamonds have been selling very well too. A website such as https://www.kristalldiamond.com/top-diamond-stud-earrings/1-carat-engagement/ describes them in a very eloquent way. The right earring can indeed make all the difference in the world. Simple is the new grand. A one carat diamond earring attracts the perfect and right attention. It is neither flashy not underdressed. A simple little black dress with the perfect diamond earrings can make a woman more stunning than ever. Another model is the 14k gold diamond. These models of rings are reaaly hard to find! (14k gold diamond)

Kristall Diamond is known for its GIA certified stones. Click on https://www.kristalldiamond.com/opal-ring-engagements/natural-opal-diamond-ring/ to go to one of the most genuine online stores. The variety on the website is incredible. Diamond and opal stone rings are available to suit many tastes and personalities. A jeweller with the trust factor will sell diamonds easily. The trust determines the sales, not the hype.

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