Guns and Guys

It has become a very popular culture and a sign of high testosterone to play with guns. From a young age, boys are exposed to the gun culture. This is elaborated with video games where many shooting games are introduced. Kids are aware of what Glocks and Magazines are before they are able to read and write properly. This is a very scary scenario for the parents on many instances.

The anxiety of the adults is directly related to the exposure of the guns and ammo to the worked.Gun lobbyists state that the exposure to the weapons must start from the beginning. While the law tries to curb the supply of the dangerous tools to ensure safety of the public, the guns and the ammo that are exposed to the innocent children makes them want the firearms more growing up.

When the weapons are used for the right reason and by the right people, there are some really good guns in the market that can satisfy your needs.

Some of the guns that the guys can be really pleases with are

sig p226

This full sized pistol is made for the testosterone filled man. It is a service – type pistol that is built for challenges. It is chambered for the 9×19mm Parabellum, .40 S&W, .357 SIG, and .22 Long Rifle. The US Navy Seal recognised the pistol as a high performance tactical pistol. Durable in nature, with high accuracy and the perfect grip; it is the perfect combat pistol made for the Army and the Navy.

ruger 10 22

This is another variety of semi-automatic weapon. The .22 is one of the most user modified guns. The ruger 10 22 stocks is quite good in the market. It has been rated as one of the best rifles suited for survival. It is very affordable. The low recoil ensures that it can be used by just about anyone. It is a good choice of weapon to be used for small and mid-sized games. The right shot by the ammo can take down almost anything. It is an easy gun to work on making it a favourite among guys.

They are one of the most popular weapons in the market.


The gp100 comes from a family of double action six, seven and ten shots. Introduced as a 2nd generation rifle, it has many advantages over the other ammo in the market. The gp100 grips for one is a very good feature. The traditional revolvers have the frame that determines the shape of the grip. The grip is vital to the shot. If the grip is lousy, hitting the target is almost impossible. It is a vital feature to be considered before buying a gun. This grip cannot be tested out while buying guns online. You need to step into the shop and check it out.

ruger lc9

The ruger lc9 review states that this weapon is a decent pistol but fairly difficult to shoot. It has a long and heavy double action trigger that cannot be mastered by anyone.

Guys like to buy the hard pistol and love to master the impossible.

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