The Latest Trend in Hoverboards – 2017

It is so much fun to ride in the hoverboards and two wheel scooter(s). It was in the year 2015 that these hoverboards started becoming a craze and it hasn’t stopped. It is popular and will remain so with new add-ons and features added to it. Hoverboards were introduced by celebrities to the public as part of the pop culture but the public started loving these vehicles due to their fun element and ease of use.

Why are they Popular?

When the hoverboards were first introduced, people thought the craze would soon die out. But it was not so. Amidst the fear of hoverboards catching fire and the fear for the unknown, the boards still remain popular among youngsters. This interesting piece of gadget is not only famous in America but also in many parts of the world where even stunts are done using these hoverboards.

Which Hoverboard to Buy in 2017?

Hoverboards can be used by anyone with little practise. If you can balance well in the board and control the direction of movement, then it is so easy to handle.

Hoverboards and two wheel scooters were once very expensive and were only for the rich people who can afford it. But with the rising popularity, many companies have started manufacturing hoverboards that are safe, cheap and durable. With lots of choices to make while planning to buy these gadgets, here are the top rated hoverboards and two wheel scooter(s).

Swagtron T1

Want to make heads turn when you move on the road? Then Swagtron T1 is the right one for you. These red hoverboards are 2017 hit!! You can move in style with smooth movements in this hoverboard.

This hoverboard is fitted with 250-watt motor that enables the user to cruise at a speed of 8mph. It is UL certified and follows all the safety rules required for a hoverboard. The hoverboard can handle the use weight of up to 220 lbs and maintain a speed of 8mph, which is great.

Additional features like headlights, rubber bumpers, LED battery indicators and riding modes are an added advantage to this hoverboard. Though there are many colours available in this model, the red is still the favourite choice of many.

Razor Hovertrax

Razor is a well-known brand in the electrical goods industry and when it comes to their hoverboards, their Everbalance technology is the best ever. It has a silent 350 watt motor that helps for a smooth cruise.

The hoverboard can handle 220lbs of user weight and go at a speed of 8mph for an hour. The recharge of the battery is also very quick. The rider modes, the LED power indicator, and blue LED light for night navigation makes it more alluring.

The two modes – the trainer mode and the normal mode is a useful feature. If the rider is not confident, he can switch to the trainer mode and after gaining expertise, he can switch to the normal mode to navigate with maximum speed. A noise free hoverboard for people who want to move in style!

Swagtron T3 Scooter

A fantastic golden hoverboard with Bluetooth and app. So, listen to music while you travel in this board. This hoverboard also has two modes, for beginners and normal mode. The gear stabilization it has to control the movement while travelling on the board is an excellent feature. It has LED back lights and has multilayer protection. Like the above 2 boards, it can carry a weight of up to 220lbs but the speed is about 11mph in a single charge.

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